Sunday, May 27, 2012

Xavii Cover Art

Recently I was given the great joy of doing another cd cover for my friends at Macon Noise Records. The art I did is for the band Xavii. The following is taken from their Kickstarter page.

Xavii is an experimental progressive rock band from Macon, Georgia. Xavii has made a name for itself in the past year in Macon forming rhythmically sophisticated rock music and challenging listeners. Having developed enough music of our own--rehearsed at home and refined at gigs around town--we eagerly are in production of next upcoming album.  We are put forward all our resources into production of a home made album to be apart of the Macon Noise Records collection. 
This moment we are spending countless hours in Macon Noise studios recordings and mixing our album. We ask for your help to pay for  the digital "mastering" process that makes the songs ready for CD/Tape, and the physical printing of the disc and tapes.  By participating in this project, you will receive a copy of this new album in either digital, cd, or tape format. Think of your small reward donation as a pre-order with some possible added benefits. Help us also to raise some gas funds for our summer tour up the east coast with Trufflelina
Thank you to you for participating. Thanks to everyone who has come to shows, downloaded our music. Thanks to the venues that have welcomed us.  Thank you for helping this album. BIGGER THANKS to Kenneth Shearer for his continued support to the Macon Noise community with his contributed artwork for shows and album covers. Check out more of his artwork at:  or
Also check out past Xavii tunes at tuned for PREVIEWS of a DEMO from the new release. 

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