Monday, February 7, 2011

Small update ~ Big plans

I realize I have not posted in a few weeks, and at the moment I do not have a lot of work to post. I do have some.

First I want to talk about two things. My basic plan for what art I'm going to make over the next month or two. I working on putting together enough work to have a good website. I've broken up the categories I'm going to have into the following, and have listed what I need from each category to satisfy my portfolio needs.
-Abstract/Non-Representational= don't need any more, I already have plenty
-Comic Art= I need to finish the monster hunt story and the Retell/Retail story
-Commercial Design= i need one more cd cover and 2 poster designs
-Digital Work=i need 5 digital paintings and 5 3d models
-Landscapes=got plenty of these
-Murals=got enough of these
-Portraits/figures=need 7 portraits
-Sketchbook pages=got plenty

That's my checklist for the next month or two. The other topic I'm writing about is about future events I want to make happen or be a part of.
-Spring Arts/Music Festival=Something in between Cherry Blossom and Bragg Jam to keep the community spirit going. I'm thinking it will include day time and night time events. There is a great possibility that I might be able to use The Rotunda in Macon's Central City Park.
-During the day we could have a selection of art set up as well as interactive booths, such as face painting, caricatures, throwing paint, making messes. We could have people selling shirts and gear and clothing and cds. Have a few bands around lunch time, serve lunch. Maybe keep going until night time, or even take a break between the day and night times.
-During the night time we could have performance art, bands playing, serve alcohol.
-Macon Arts Under 30/$100= Heatherly invited me to put work into a future show for people under 30 and work worth less than 100.

Now, for the art. First up are two wall sized paintings I've worked on. I've added some greens and some details into the landscape one, and will add washes of color over the abstract one.

This is a collaboration with my friend Jesse Bird. I'm very happy with it, and would love to do more art with her.

This is a sample cd cover I worked up. I'm thinking about actually making this into a shirt or something like that.

This is another one of those cheesy ol' landscapes.

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