Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Works in Progress

Time to change it up a little bit on here. I'm going to post some work that I've been trying to finish up, and I'll post updates as they come! These are mostly portraits, of people I know, and I'm trying to find a style I really like.

Lately though I've been really out of touch with my artsy shit. Dealing with life I guess. The stereotype that misery makes great art is shit. I don't make anything when I'm down, or if I do I make it so I can then throw it away.

The most important part of portraits is the personality. The design of the piece is as important as the face itself. The colors used and the layout of the image works with the facial expression to make the image say this is a happy/miserable/frustrated person to this is a person happy and secure and open/ miserable and closed off and alone/ frustrated and snappy and bitter.

I'm not saying these really demonstrate any of what I've written-just that I'm working on that.

Rant done.

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